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  • Search over 75,000 pages of PHMSA pipeline safety data and guidance

  • Find what you need quickly and without worrying that something critical has been missed

  • Make decisions and recommendations that are based on current data and consistent with agency expectations

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Gives you Instant Answers to Questions Like:

When questions came up about applicability, interpretation or implementation of pipeline regulations, I would spend WAY too much time:

  • Poking around old emails
  • Searching websites, including PHMSA’s
  • Digging through piles of regulatory gems piled in my office
  • Calling folks and asking “I have a friend with a pipeline” questions, and I have received many of these over the years also.

While there is nothing wrong with any of the above, it takes time and sometimes a lot of time. This is frustrating, and there is inherent risk in never being sure you haven’t missed something important.

I operated like this for MANY years and decided there had to be a better way.

Rave Reviews of Evergreen:AIR include:

“You’ve hit it
out of the park!”
“Can I just say that I love it!!!!”
“You and your team have done a great job.”
“In my opinion it is much better than other options available.”
“The search and save functions are amazing.”

“Erin McKay is the owner/genius behind this company…”

Yes someone really called me a genius, so I had to include it here on the “interwebs” for posterity!


Evergreen:AIR gives you seamless access to the right information right when you need it. This includes enforcement, interpretations, guidance material and anything else we can lay our hands on that can help you!

At this moment, most of the information in our database is directly from the PHMSA web site, but we are actively preparing and planning for additional content from other great sources, just to make your searching all the more beneficial!

The PHMSA web site is full of amazing and helpful information, but it isn’t organized in a way that is particularly easy to navigate. AND much of the search criteria and granularity available in Evergreen:AIR is not possible on the PHMSA site.


Features and Benefits of Evergreen:AIR Include:

All Screen Access

Optimized for use on tablets and phones, as well as computer screens; providing access to information when and where they need it.

Designed by Industry Pros

Developed by pipeline compliance personnel who have participated in hundreds of inspections. This was instrumental in the design because we’ve “been there, done that.”


Updated at least monthly to stay current as PHMSA adds content so you can be assured you have access to the “latest and greatest” information.


User interface designed to be user friendly and intuitive. No training needed, just some general pointers.

Developed by Tech Pros

Our proprietary database is developed by THE MOST AMAZING technical folks I’ve ever worked with. Even better, they are on board as we continue to expand and improve our services.

Continuous Improvement

We are continually adding content and updating functionality to enhance user value.

For you legal beagles, Evergreen:AIR is basically Lexis/Nexis and Westlaw for PHMSA information (but better!)

Evergreen:AIR is the most COMPREHENSIVE pipeline research tool in the market and will continue to get better as we update and improve functionality based on user input.


  • Part 190 – 199 Federal Regulations
  • PHMSA Enforcement
  • Interpretations
  • Special Permits
  • Guidance documents
  • Advisory Bulletins

And Allows You to:

  • Search by CFR Part, date, keyword, document type, code section, operator name, Region, Subject, Case type, Civil Penalty,
  • Display results allows selection of Region, Civil Penalty, Case Type and Subject in addition to standard results fields.
  • Browse text of regulations by drill down or keyword.
  • Select related document types to show in results.
  • Review embedded links to other code sections and defined terms.
  • Print all search results in printer friendly format.
  • Saved searches for repeatability of results

What is the Cost?

For FAR less than the cost of one small fine, not to mention the staff time to respond, you can get instant answers to your questions with Evergreen:AIR!

Get Evergreen:AIR FREE!!!

We will provide a FREE month of service for testimonials and referrals.


That means that if you refer enough people to us, you can essentially use
Evergreen:AIR for FREE!

We offer annual subscription options, with discounts for multiple users as well as agency personnel.


Federal, State and Local Agencies: please contact us directly at erin@thatcompliancelady.com for custom pricing.


We are so sure that you will love Evergreen:AIR, that we offer a 100% money back guarantee for 180 days.

This isn’t your typical money back guarantee, because it’s truly a no questions asked guarantee.

No questions asked, means no questions asked.

If you want to cancel your subscription within 180 days, we will refund your money.  The following are acceptable reasons for a free cancellation:

  • You don’t like answers to your questions
  • You don’t like the functionality of the Evergreen:AIR for any reason
  • You realize you have all of the answer to everything in your head and don’t need Evergreen:AIR
  • You think Erin’s training and update videos are boring
  • A worldwide apocalypse has happened, and you realize answering pipeline compliance questions is not as high on your priority list as it once was.

You are always welcome to rejoin us when circumstances change, i.e. the apocalypse is over, my video making abilities improve, or any other reason to come join us again!

In the meantime, we’ll keep you on our mailing list, so you’ll be kept up to date on all of the added functionality and content.  You can unsubscribe at any time.

There are lots of other ways to answer questions about pipeline regulatory requirements, including:

However, these options have inherent risk, can take hours, days, or in the case of outside expertise even weeks, to resolve;  with no assurance that all relevant information has been identified and reviewed.

Evergreen:AIR let’s you save time, lower risk, and assure that:

Data Driven

Recommendations are data driven based on PHMSA’s prior enforcement and interpretations


Questions can be answered quickly without sacrificing accuracy


Safety programs and procedures are consistent with agency expectations

Saved Search

Search results can be saved for future use, since the same questions come up over and over!


Updated reviews allow ongoing compliance as new documents are added by PHMSA


Results are thorough, with the assurance that results can be updated as new content is available

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